Dragoon Cycle DPS [English]

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Dragoon Cycle DPS [English]

Messagepar Kiki Jiji » Dim Oct 11, 2015 8:42 pm

DPS GUIDE from Hilde, see it below :


Here is a little dragoon's guide, it's my dps's rotation. I don't guaranteed, it's optimal but I think it's efficient and easy to learn. See here...

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage or ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage or Image

A long opener but not really difficult. You need to use all your skills under the buff "Blood for blood", "Heavy Thrust" and"Dragon's blood"for "Jump" et "Spineshatter".
There is skills out of GCD. You can use 2 in the same GCD. Normally and even with the lag, it'll be ok.
You need to use the out of the GCD skills in between your attacks. sometimes you'll launch 2 skills out of the GCD.

Cycle monocible
The next rotation is not really different with the intro: you continue your combo on the same model and you use your skills as soon as they are up in keeping the same priority for the skills you use.
But, after one minute, you'll have nearly all the buff up again, it looks like this in your screen :
monocible-drg.jpg (88.46 Kio) Consulté 1264 fois

You just finish your 4th combo, ready to begin again the same rotation. But your CD are all up at the same time. No worries! Like in the opener you'll just use 2 out of the GCD buff at a time. after the 4th combo, use "Internal Release" (IR), do "Leg Sweep", then "True Thrust", "Power Surge" and "Geirskogul" and it'll be ok. Depending on your attack speed, "Blood for blood" will be up for "Chaos Thrust". If not, you can wait a little bit to use it.
Other situation : Blood for blood normally will be up for "Chaos Thrust". If not you can also wait a bit because the Damage over time (DOT) will full profit of this buff. So it's important to use it under the buff. Also you'll be able to use "Phlebotomize" before the end of "Blood for blood".

Aoe Rotations

Nothing hard: We apply all the buffs and we spam the AOE. Use only "Ring of Thorns" when it procs, after a side positional of "Heavy Thrust", if you don't you are wrong. Then spam "Doom Spike" even it's difficult to place or use. Don't hesitate to ask for TP.

Geirskögul !!

Geirskögul is very intersting to optimize the dragoon DPS, but it's risky to use. Since 3.0 all the gameplay is linked to Dragon's blood and the way you will maintain it. Dragon's blood gives you a 15second stance. Each 4th combo, only usable in this stance, will give you again 15s for a maximum of 30s. Not using "Geirskögul" is not good, you'll loose some extra DPS. "Geirskögul" is very long inline AOE, well placed you can hit a lot of adds/monsters even if they are far. Even if "Geirskögul" has a high potential power (200) and only a 10s cd, we'll not use it everytime, because it's using 10s of Dragon's blood. This is where you can place it without loosing Dragon"s Blood:

    - en début de cycle, si "Sang du dragon" est loin d'être up et si vous n'avez pas besoin de refresh "Percée totale" et "Double percée", il vous faudra au moins 20s de "Sang du dragon",
    - en début de cycle, si "Sang du dragon" est loin d'être up et si vous avez besoin de refresh "Percée totale" et "Double percée", il vous faudra au moins 25s de "Sang du dragon",
[list]- Dans tout les autres cas, si "Sang du dragon" est up ou proche de l'être, balancez "Geirskögul" sans vous soucier de la stance ; le seul impératif sera de relancer "Sang du dragon" avant le 3e combo s'il est down avant, ou avant le 4e combo s'il n'est pas down.[/list
Actually « Dragon blood » is not a one shot skill at start of fight, but will need to be used to launch max Geirskogul. By example if it rests few seconds with Dragon blood up before the 4th combo BUT the skill is up, use it. Then you'll be at 15s of buff. Use the 4th combo and, 29s of Dragon blood ! (isn't it cool?)

"Jump" and Positionnal skill
Some of Dragoon skillz are positionnal. Or they weaker. Jump is a usefull skill but hard to place. Don't use Jump before a positionnal skill if you're not on the right direction, or your GCD will be slowed, the time for you to replace. Don't use « Jump » either before the 4th combo, because you don't know which one will proc.

Situationnal skill
Feinte Image
Hmmmm ? Just forgot

Saut insaisissable Image
A dodging jump which make you jump back, and cut half of your enimity.

Motivation Image
Motivation is your best friend on no dead time fight, use it when you have 500 tp

Volée défensive Image
Parrying chances increaced by 80%

Griffe perçante Image
A pulling skill (Remember, you pull, you tank, not saying this because i'm war lol)

Relâchement intérieur Image
Good crosskill from pugilist at lvl12

Bain de sang Image
surviving skill which can be usefull

Coup de grâce Image
Just an additionnal dps skill from war (lvl26) out of GCD. Can be used if target is under 20% of life

Second souffle Image
Another surviving skill from monk lvl 8

Aguet Image
Up your defense by 20%

Secondary stats
Base 1 from STR
Weapon damage : 10,625
STR : 1
Determination : 0,139
Critic : 0,162
Skill speed : 0,104
We can see that critical hit rate is better now over the rest.
You still need a softcap of 600 skill speed to use Geirskogul efficiently

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